• A New Brand
    A New Brand

    Capture-fm® is the new name for Asset-fm®, so whilst it is a new brand, it is one that you can trust to deliver the solution to your asset management problems. Re-designed and coded from the ground up, we truly believe that Capture-fm® is a market leading product.

  • Easy To Use
    Easy To Use

    Capture-fm® has a unique user interface design that makes things easy to use with minimal training, yet offers incredibly advanced functionality that helps to make your life easier.

  • Integrated Surveying
    Integrated Surveying

    Capture-fm® is fully integrated with Capture-fm® mobile, our mobile surveying software. Running on a Windows Mobile based handheld device, you can collect your information and perform audits of your assets with ease. Tried, tested and proven over the last 5 years with over 3 million asset records collected, you won't find a more reliable system for asset tracking.

  • Asset Management and Tracking Software

    Building up an asset register has never been an easy task and is generally very time consuming and expensive.

    Any data collected usually by pen and paper is out of date very quickly, difficult to update and impossible to use for reporting purposes.

    With Capture-fm® from DataTrak Ltd, the task of capturing your company's asset information and keeping it up to date has never been easier.

    Capture-fm® enables users to quickly and efficiently capture any type of asset information, utilising the latest Windows Mobile® devices and manage the data using a modern and comprehensive Windows® application.

    + Always know what assets you have and where they are.
    + Uniquely identify each asset, ideal for security.
    + Monitor asset movements between multiple sites.
    + Quickly retrieve detailed asset information.
    + Save time and money.
    + Maintain correct insurance coverage through up-to-date records.
    + Spend less time looking for information.
    + Create planned maintenance job sheets.
    + Store and report upon PAT Test results.
    + Maintain a financial record of assets and their depreciation / value.

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